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MediaRaccoon® is a Turkish digital agency based in Istanbul. Since 2008 we have been designing and developing digital communications for all sectors. Our small team of specialists work passionately and collaboratively on digital solutions – from websites to mobile games.

The Raccoon Way

The things we can do.. We are driven by ideas, inspired by technology and passionate about quality end products.

Mobile First

We put mobile in the first place while designing and coding every bit of our projects.

Ease of Use

Your clients whould like to find the information they are looking for 'fast'. So your web site should be fast to load and easy to use.


Tailor made solutions for your business including integrations between store front and accounting apps, online POS systems.

Big Data

We can create the CRM, ERP, SCM or Intranet solution you need. Nothing more nothing less, just the system that meets your needs as a business.

Multilanguage CMS

It is super easy to dublicate and create new pages for your different language needs with our powerfull CMS. There are no limits to how many.

Unlimited Support & Consultancy

Throught out the process of your project we are here to help, give advice and fulfill your needs.

Different Needs Addressed

From one-page static websites to user based dynamic contents, we deliver any solution to your web based needs.

Tailor Made IoT Projects

Internet of Things is not just a hobby to us. We deliver turnkey hardware projects that are always connected and create valuable data.

Mobile Applications

Cross Device

We are developing applications for iOS and Android platforms with phone and tablet support.

Fast and Reliable

Before going live we stress test our applications on mutliple devices with different specs.

Collect Insights and Data

With Google's powerfull app tools our apps are ready to collect insights and data.

Powerful Automations

Data data data

Any data, from any source. Your whole operation can be managed under one application which has API connections to your already present infrastructure.

Web based, fast and accessible

Access the application wherever you are, with any device over secure and reliable connections.

Any data any time

From big factories to small ateliers, collect any data from your already working devices or let us create new ones.


A fine selection of our work.

Frenox Online Store

e-commerce, HTML5, bootstrap, CMS

Checkmat Judo Academy

HTML5, bootstrap, uNeedo CMS

Radio Pia Official App

ionic, Angular, HTML5

TipTop Assistance

CMS, Design, UX, E-commerce, B2B, App Integration

Karyer Group

Maintenance, Consulting

Atlas Global

Design, CMS, Consulting

İlhan Kesici Official

CMS, UX, Consulting


Design, CMS, Consulting

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Coffee is the main fuel of our work, that can be seen with the numbers below.

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Meet The Team

This is the home of raccoons. An innovative digital agency based in İstanbul, Turkey. We design and develop projects and solutions. Lets bring your ideas to life together.

Ferhat Ural

Ferhat Ural

Co-Founder, Backend Developer

Graduated from Işık University Information Technologies. Co-founder of MediaRaccoon. Specialized in server and device programming and app development. Ferhat has been creating solutions and delivered projects in web technologies since 1998.

Gamze Gül Gönüleren Ural

Gamze Gül Gönüleren Ural

Co-founder, Account Manager

Işık Üniversitesi İşletme bölümünden mezun. 1998 yılından itibaren organizasyon, müşteri temsilciliği, pazarlama ve medya planlama üzerine çeşitli firmalarda görev aldı. Akabinde Media Raccoon’un kurucularından biri olan zat-ı muhterem an itibarıyla müşteri direktörü olarak görev yapmakta.